United Way leads effort to empower South End of New Bedford

“For decades, much of the South End has been weighed down by high levels of poverty, nearly nonexistent job and economic prospects and low educational attainment that has put residents at a social and economic disadvantage. A team, led by the United Way of Greater New Bedford and made up of nonprofits, the city, neighborhood groups, New Bedford Public Schools, New Bedford Housing Authority, University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth and Southcoast Health, is working to change that by empowering families and residents in the South End community…

‘We’re unified under one common agenda to see the South End improve,’ said Allison Yates-Berg, vice president of community impact and operations at United Way. ‘It’s one of the oldest and most distressed neighborhoods in New Bedford.”‘Partners include Old Bedford Village Development Inc., New Bedford Housing Authority, TRI-The Resource Inc., Immigrants Assistance Center Inc., Greater New Bedford Workforce Investment Board, PACE Inc., BankFive and Southcoast Youth Alliance.”

Read more via SouthCoastToday.com here.

Josh Amaral

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