The Clemente Course in the Humanities provides college-level instruction, for up to 6 college credits, to anyone aged 17 and older. All students earn a scholarship that covers tuition, books, field trips--everything!

If you are interested in the Fall 2023 Semester –  Apply ONLINE: Fall 2023 ONLINE APPLICATION 

FALL Semester 2023

The class will meet on MONDAYS AND THURSDAYS, 6:00 pm – 8:00 PM

  • Classes will be held at PACE HEAD START on Madison Street.
  • FREE CHILDCARE for all students and
  • FREE transportation for New Bedford residents.

The Clemente Course in the Humanities provides tuition free, college-level instruction, for up to 6 college credits, to economically disadvantaged individuals aged 17 and older. Course participants take classes in literature, art history, moral philosophy, American history, writing, and public speaking from college professors. Instructors are chosen for their engaging and dynamic presence in the classroom and their commitment to working with non-traditional learners.

The Clemente Course grants a certificate of achievement to all students who finish the course and six college credits to those who complete it at a high level of academic performance. The credits come from UMass Dartmouth and can be transferred to any community college or university.

For more information about enrolling in the Clemente Course in the Humanities, email Susan Hagan at


Jean Romano, 40 year old Filipino with 2 young children. Migrated and has been living here for almost 20 yearClemente is a huge break for me as it helps me to focus and motivate myself. I gained more experience as well as friendships. The physical and emotional support of having friends around brings a lot to everyone. Tears, tiredness, opinions, silence, laughs, cracking up jokes, having snacks on break time and the speeches that gives everyone in fear or happy.  Having all of these are some of the things I will miss. Gaining an education is a major change as it gives me more confidence to pursue another path to get another degree. Planning a new career and enjoy a new beginning for the future are my bucket list. I’m hoping to be better and be able to continue towards what I would like to do. I am incredibly grateful and thankful to my professors, tutor and classmates for the wonderful adventure. Thank you for the endless effort of patience, understanding, encouragement and motivation. I personally thank Ms. Susan for giving me the opportunity to have this program. Thank you again to everyone.