In response to “coronavirus”/COVID-19, PACE is altering its operations so that we may continue to serve our clients. All our programs and staff are available by phone or e-mail, but our physical offices will be closed for all appointments and walk-in activities, with the exception of the PACE Food Bank, which will be available by appointment only. Please call 508-999-9920 in advance for an appointment. PACE will continue to provide client services remotely.

For assistance accessing PACE programs or any other community resources you may need at this trying time, please call us at 508-999-9920 or e-mail us at

We will continue to monitor community needs and provide information about needed resources on this page.

PACE Programs

  • Fuel Assistance
    • Our Fuel Assistance offices are closed to the public, but our staff members are working remotely to meet the needs of our clients. Applications may be completed by mail, fax, and secure e-mail. Please call us at 508-999-9920 if you have an urgent question or utility emergency. Note that Eversource has stated they are discontinuing shutoffs during this time.
  • Head Start
    • Our Head Start sites are closed to children. Staff members are available remotely. Efforts are ongoing to connect Head Start families with community resources, such as meals that would ordinarily be served during the program day. Please call for more information.
  • Health Access
    • Our Health Access program is closed for face-to-face appointments, but is working remotely to enact a special “open enrollment” period during this public health crisis. Our staff are available for phone appointments. Please call 508-999-9920 for more information if you or someone you know is not insured at this time.
  • Child Care Works
    • Our Child Care Works office is closed to the public and our staff members continue to work remotely to meet our clients needs. Additional information on childcare closures and adjustments will be forthcoming. Please contact us at 508-999-9930 for more information.
  • Family Center
    • All Family Center activities, including regularly scheduled playgroups, have been canceled.
  • Food Bank
    • Due to this unique crisis, the PACE Food Bank remains operational. Please call us at 508-999-9920 for information on how to access our Food Bank. For the health and safety of our clients, food will be distributed outside our Main Office at 166 William Street. Food Bank Hours will be as follows: Monday through Friday 10am – 2:00pm.
  • Housing Services
    • While rental assistance funds are not presently available, our Housing Services staff are available to provide assistance in housing search, mediation, and counseling remotely. Please call 508-999-9920 for more information.
  • YouthBuild
    • The PACE YouthBuild program is closed and students are utilizing technology to connect with their instructors from home.
  • Clemente Course
    • Upcoming Clemente Course class meetings are canceled until further notice. If you are a student, contact the program director.
  • Volunteer Income Tax Prep
    • All pending VITA tax appointments are postponed until further notice. The IRS has announced a three month extension from April 15 to July 15th. Contact 508-999-9920 for more information.
  • Lead Prevention
    • All Lead Prevention Program home visits and in-person appointments are postponed. Staff remain available remotely. Contact 508-999-9920 for more information.

Information about COVID-19

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a upper-respiratory tract illness first identified in Wuhan, China. It is highly contagious and as a “novel” or new virus, we have no developed immunity to it. While those infected may have only mild or no symptoms at all, the virus can easily spread through whole populations, putting many at risk. Those at an advanced age or with underlying medical conditions are especially at risk, but even younger and perfectly health individuals can experience sometimes life-threatening symptoms. When many cases are experienced at the same time in the same area, local hospitals and medical providers can become overwhelmed and unable to assist everyone. Because of this, experts are recommending “social distancing,” which calls for avoiding non-essential public activity, especially in groups.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has published more information here:

The Washington Post has provided a visual demonstration of how the virus is spread, and why “social distancing” can be effective in stopping it. Read here:

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has restricted public and private schools, groups of 25+, restaurants, bars, and other industries. Please read more here:

Southcoast Hospitals 24/7 hotline for those experiencing symptoms or with other questions is 508-973-1919

Other resources are available by dialing the 2-1-1 referral service.