What if I am not a citizen of the United States?

Households that include non-citizens may┬ábe eligible for fuel assistance benefits if the non-citizens are “Qualified Aliens” or if at least one member of the household is a United States citizen.

If the household has at least one United States citizen, for example, a child that was born in the United States, the whole household is eligible for a partial benefit.

Documents that establish “Qualified Alien” status for a member of the household include the following: A “green card” (INS Form I-551), a foreign passport or INS I-94 with an unexpired I-551 stamp, an Employment Authorization Card marked with categories A3, A5, or A10, an order granting asylum, or an I-571 Refugee Travel Document.

For questions about citizenship status and eligibility, please call our office at 508-999-9920.

Josh Amaral

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