I was approved for less than I think I should be receiving. What can I do?

Clients are deemed eligible for a certain benefit amount based on the program’s estimation of their household’s annual income. This estimation is made by looking at the client’s previous four weeks of income using that to predict the client’s annual income. In some cases, this process inflates the annual income of some of our clients whose benefits are determined by a four week time period that includes income they do not ordinarily receive.

All clients can check their application status and benefit level by calling our automated voice retrieval system at 508-984-3316.

Clients who feel they are eligible for a higher benefit have the right to appeal the program’s decision. To appeal, please contact our office and request an Appeal Form or submit a written request for appeal of your benefit level. Your appeal should be submitted within 20 days of your receipt of notice of eligibility.

Your appeal will be referred to the agency’s Appeals Officer, who will review the agency’s determination and may request new information from you. For example, many clients are able to submit their federal tax return to show their actual annual income is lower than the annual income calculated by the program.

After you submit the requested information to the Appeals Officer, a determination must be made within 20 working days. If that determination does not satisfactorily address the issue, your case may be further appealed to the state. Please call our office for more information about appeals and your appeal rights.

Josh Amaral

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