How does the whole process of applying for fuel assistance work?

The process of applying for fuel assistance starts when you make an appointment as a new client. During your intake appointment, which should take less than 30 minutes, one of our staff members will ask you questions about your household and gather information for your application. You will verify that the information gathered is accurate, and your appointment will conclude.

From there, your application will go to another staff member responsible for determining your eligibility for benefits. This process can take up to six weeks, though in many cases it is done much sooner — sometimes even the same day.

Once you are deemed to be eligible, your heating vendor will be notified that you are eligible for fuel assistance. In some cases, this automatically qualifies you for a discount on your utility bills. From this point on, your heating vendor will send us your bills and they become a part of our normal payment cycle. To see if we’ve paid on your bills, you can call 508-984-3316 at any time.

A few months before the next winter, you’ll receive your application in the mail. Now, all you’ll have to do is attach your proof of income or documentation of any changes in your household to this application and mail it back to us. Making a face-to-face appointment is not necessary, though many of our clients do come in for assistance in completing the application.

Josh Amaral

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