Head Start and Early Head Start Applications

We are having technical difficulties with the online application submission.  Please fill out the application and send to Jill Fox, jfox@paceheadstart.org

PACE Head Start and Early Head Start provide family-centered child development programming for over 264 income-eligible families with children from birth to age 5 living in the Greater New Bedford area.

The program is at no cost to families who qualify. Part and full-day center-based services are available Monday through Friday part-year and year-round.

Mission Statement


The mission of PACE Head Start is to provide a family-centered child development program for eligible children in the Greater New Bedford area. Families are empowered through a range of services which include:

  • an early education experience that builds upon a child’s strengths and engages parents as partners
  • child care options that address the diverse needs of families
  • meaningful parent involvement opportunities
  • advocacy to overcome obstacles and improve quality of life
  • collaborations with community agencies

Services are provided in an environment that promotes respect, fosters inclusion, and celebrates diversity among children, families, and staff.

Philosophy of Education

Our philosophy is an individualized approach to early childhood education which builds upon a child’s strengths and promotes a positive self-image while guiding the child toward the development of School Readiness Skills.

Multicultural Policy

PACE Head Start respects the beliefs and practices of the various ethnic groups and cultures we serve. We design our curriculum to include awareness and respect for the diversity among us. We neither accentuate nor exclude the leadership or beliefs of any one culture over another. We choose to celebrate the world around us in a way that children can understand and integrate into their own personal lives.


All families must complete a program application. Children are prioritized for enrollment based on individual and family needs. Ten percent of enrollment opportunities are reserved for children with disabilities; parents to children with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.


Children from birth to 5 years old meeting income criteria are eligible for the program. Programs may enroll some children from families whose incomes are higher than the federal poverty level if they meet other eligibility requirements. Families with circumstances such as homelessness, children in foster care, or receiving SNAP, TANF or SSI may also qualify for services.

Application Process

To apply for services, please either download and fill out the online application and return it to ( jfox@paceheadstart.org) or contact the program. For more information, general assistance, or to request the application in another language, please call the program and ask to speak with Family Services.

1 $13,590
2 $18,310
3 $23,030
4 $27,750
5 $32,470
6 $37,190
7 $41,910
8 $46,630

Contact Us

32 Madison Street,
New Bedford, MA 02740
Ph: (508) 999-1286
Fax: (508) 979-5080
Email: info@paceheadstart.org

247 Smith Street,
New Bedford, MA 02740
Ph: (508) 984-3557
Fax: (508) 984-3555
Email: info@paceheadstart.org

Program Director: Jill Fox
Email: jfox@paceheadstart.org

Jill Fox has an MS in Early Childhood Education and serves on the Massachusetts Head Start Association Board of Directors. Jill has been the program director at PACE since 2015.

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  • Supports parents as primary educators, nurturers, and advocates for their children
  • Assures that every parent has an opportunity for a significant experience in Head Start
  • Affirms the policy-making role of parents which is the foundation of Head Start’s unique success


New Bedford


Part-Day (September-Mid May): 8:30am-12:30pm
Dose and Duration (September- June): 8:30am-2:30pm
Full-Day (All year): 7:30-4:30 (currently)
*Full day will return to 7am-5pm once ratios are restored!