Mission & History

Mission Statement

PACE, Inc. delivers innovative and effective services to members of the Greater New Bedford Community in their pursuit of brighter futures.

PACE History

PACE was incorporated as a private non-profit Community Action Agency in 1982 to mobilize and utilize both public and private resources to affect the improvement of the economic and social quality of life for low income residents of the Greater New Bedford area. A twenty-one member Board of Directors was established as a result of a number of community meetings held for the purpose of forming a new agency.  This new Board of Directors elected its first President, Kenneth N. DeSilva, who served for ten years.

The nascent organization of limited funds and staff in grew into a multi-million dollar agency in five years’ time. Its focus was to promote self-help for people and neighborhoods. Since its inception, PACE Inc. has developed a reputation of responding to community needs, providing high quality programs for low income people, developing innovative strategies for empowering people and working cooperatively with both the non-profit and for profit communities.

PACE is committed to increase awareness among low-income people, public officials, media and the general public regarding the causes and impact of poverty on the lives of low-income people.

PACE’s Social Justice Statement

Recent events underscore racial injustices that continue to plague our country. As our community works to create new solutions to prevent the insidious destruction that oppression creates from continuing, PACE will work hard to set an example and to work beside our partners to be a part of the solution.

PACE stands beside all those who fight for social justice, equality for all, relief from poverty and anti-racism.

As a community action agency, we pledge to not be silent, to raise the policies and issues that create and perpetuate racial inequities and work with our federal, state, and local allies, our board, and the people we serve to make true change, raise awareness and rededicate ourselves to strengthening and empowering our communities.