People Acting In Community Endeavors (PACE)

PACE, Inc. delivers innovative and effective services to members of the Greater New Bedford Community in their pursuit of brighter futures. PACE Inc. has developed a reputation of responding to community needs, providing high quality programs for struggling people and families, developing strategies for empowering people and working cooperatively with both the non-profit and for profit communities.

PACE’s Food Bank – Monday – Friday 10am-2pm


News from our Health Access Program

LOST YOUR JOB? CALL PACE TODAY! TO ENROLL IN NO COST OR LOW COST HEALTH INSURANCE. Call PACE Health Access at 508-999-9920 or click the link :Health Insurance Open Enrollment: Click here to start your application today 

PACE is a Navigator organization and certified to help you. Learn more at

News from our Fuel Access Program:

Many Massachusetts households are having trouble making ends meet – far more than most people realize. Heating bills in particular can be a challenge as temperatures drop. Click to find more info and to apply for FUEL ASSISTANCE

As we head into the winter months, it is peak Fuel Assistance season. Because we are not seeing clients in person, we are receiving extremely high volumes of phone calls. If you have already sent in your documentation, please allow us 4-6 weeks to process them. If you applied previously but have not yet sent in this year’s application, please review the application that has been mailed to you and follow the instructions to complete and return. If you are a first-time client or are experiencing a heating emergency, please call us at 508-525-4271 and we will answer or call back as soon as possible. We are in the process of adding more phone lines and an online application process in the coming weeks. Thank you for your understanding”

Since our founding in 1982, PACE, Inc. has been honored to help build brighter futures for the people of Greater New Bedford. We are fortunate to have loyal, dedicated and experienced employees who know and understand the needs of our Southcoast area.

Please call 508-999-9920 for more information.

PACE’s Pledge to Social Justice

Recent events underscore racial injustices that continue to plague our country. As our community works to create new solutions to prevent the insidious destruction that oppression creates from continuing, PACE will work hard to set an example and to work beside our partners to be a part of the solution.  PACE stands beside all those who fight for social justice, equality for all, relief from poverty and anti-racism. As a community action agency, we pledge to not be silent, to raise the policies and issues that create and perpetuate racial inequities and work with our federal, state, and local allies, our board, and the people we serve to make true change, raise awareness and rededicate ourselves to strengthening and empowering our communities.


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